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Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Volume 7

By Larry Blocher, Eugene Migliaro Corporon, Ray Cramer, Tim Lautzenheiser, Edward S. Lisk, and Richard Miles
Compiled and edited by Richard Miles

Volume 7 of the best-selling Teaching Music through Performance in Band series sets new standards as a comprehensive and indispensable resource for band directors.

Containing current perspectives on the wind band world from internationally respected leaders, together with analysis of 100 significant works for band from Grades 2 through 6, this book gives band directors essential tools for success in the profession.

This new volume features chapters on “Imagination and Creativity” by Edward S. Lisk, “The Cornerstones for Program Success” by Tim Lautzenheiser, “Historical Highlights of Wind Band: The French Revolution to the Present” by Eugene Migliaro Corporon, “Exploring Japanese Band Culture” by Ray Cramer, “Focus” by Larry R. Blocher, and “‘Rehearsing’ and ‘Teaching’” by Richard Miles.

As with the other Teaching Music through Performance editions, this book includes extensive analyses of a broad range of the best wind band literature being published today. Each Teacher Resource Guide includes a description of the composer, historical perspectives, technical considerations, stylistic considerations, a breakdown of music elements, a form and structure analysis, and more.

Extensive appendices round out this volume, the largest yet. Companion audiophile recordings (available separately), as well as searchable indices and sound clips at, truly make this series vital to band directors everywhere.

Number of Pages : 1120

Edition # Title
G-7436 Teaching Music through Performance in Band - Volume 7

Resource Recording, Vol. 7, Grades 2 and 3

North Texas Wind Symphony, Eugene Migliaro Corporon, conductor

This audiophile quality recording contains 40 of the Grade 2 selections and all Grade 3 works from Volume 7.

Edition # Title
CD-780 Teaching Music through Performance in Band: Volume 7, Grades 2-3 - CD
North Texas Wind Symphony, Eugene Migliaro Corporon, conductor

Resource Recording, Vol. 7, Grade 4 and selections from Grade 6

Edition # Title
CD-816 Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Vol. 7 - Grade 4 - CD
Resource Recordings (3-CD set)

Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Vol. 7, Grades 2-3
Resource Recordings (CD-780)

Listen to Sample Tracks
Click on a title to listen to an mp3 sample clip.
  Disk 1 (Grade 2)
A Little Tango Music - Gorb
Apache Lullaby - Colgrass
April - Perrine
As Winds Dance - Hazo
Aspen Song - Cummings
Be Thou My Vision - Clark
Childgrove - Speck
Colors of a New Day
- Meacham
(Echoes from a Russian Cathedral)
1. Legend

- Tschaikovsky/Singleton
(Echoes from a Russian Cathedral)
2. The Race of Peace

- Tschaikovsky/Singleton
Four Breton Dances - Broege
Jessie's Well - Hultgren
Katsista - Grady
Lullaby for Noah - Turrin
Music for the King's Delight
- La Plante
Poème - Stalter
Radio Flyer - Gibson
(Scenes from Terezin)
1. An Evening in Terezin

- Stamp
(Scenes from Terezin)
2. Home
- Stamp
(Scenes from Terezin)
3. I Am A Jew
- Stamp
(Scenes from Terezin)
4. Birdsong
- Stamp
  Disc 2 (Grade 2-3)
  (Grade 2)
Tribute - Cross
Variations on a Sailing Song
- Strommen
Whirlwind - Blackshaw
  (Grade 3)
Ambrosian Hymn Variants
- White
America Verses - Broege
...and the antelope play
- Carnahan
Antiphon - Tull
Blackwater - Carroll
Colorado Peaks - Wilson
Dedicatory Overture
- Williams
(Different Voices)
1. The Spoken (Dialogues)

- Kirby
(Different Voices)
2. Whispers
- Kirby
(Different Voices)
3. The Voices of Song

- Kirby
DreamCircus - Deemer


  Disc 3 (Grade 3)
Ferne Weite - Rudin
(Latin Folk Song Trilogy)
1. El Tortillero

- Himes
(Latin Folk Song Trilogy)
2. Lament - Huainto
- Himes
(Latin Folk Song Trilogy)
3. Riqui Ran
- Himes
Loch Lomond
- Ticheli
Mayflower Overture
- Nelson
(Postcard from Singapore)
1. Gelang Sipaku Gelang
- Sparke
(Postcard from Singapore)
2. Di-Tanjung Katong
- Sparke
(Postcard from Singapore)
3. Lenggang Kangkung & Munnaeru Vaalibaa

- Sparke
Song for Lyndsay
- Boysen
Spirals of Light
- O’Loughlin
(Symphony No. 4)
1. Fast
- Boysen
(Symphony No. 4)
2. Smooth and Flowing

- Boysen
(Symphony No. 4)
3. Scherzo and Trio

- Boysen
(Symphony No. 4)
4. Fast
- Boysen
Thanksgiving Anthem
- Billings/Hartley
Voices of the Sky - Hazo
Were You There? - Stone


Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Vol. 7, Grades 4 and selections from Grade 6
Resource Recordings (CD-816)

Listen to Sample Tracks
Click on a title to listen to an mp3 sample clip.
  Disk 1 (Grade 4)
Cyprian Suite, Servikos
Aya Marnia
Dream Journey
El Camino Real (A Latin Fantasy)
Incidental Suite, Tarantella
Kingfishers Catch Fire, Following falls and falls of rain
Kingfishers Catch Fire
  Disc 2 (Grade 4)
Missouri Shindig
Noisy Wheels of Joy
Raag Mala
Rikudim, Andante Moderato
Allegretto con eleganze
Andante con dolcezza
Con moto e follemento
Shadow Rituals
They Hung Their Harps in the Willows
Three Dances of Enchantment, The Via Veneto
She Walks Through the Fair
The Feast of San Rocco


  Disk 3 (Grade 4)
To set the darkness echoing
Winter Dances, November
  (Grade 6)
Shadow Dance
Day Dreams, Sunrise: an infinite expectation
Morning: all intellegence awake
Afternoon: hopes shot upward, ever so bright
Sunset: having lived the life imagined
As the Sun Rises, Shodo (Impulse)
Jyocho (Emotion)
Inori (A Prayer)
Yoko (Sunshine)

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