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Teaching Music through Performance in Beginning Band, Volume 1

The eagerly anticipated Grade 1 component...

By Thomas Dvorak, Larry Blocher, Scott Emmons, Bruce Pearson, Darhyl S. Ramsey, and Marguerite Wilder

Compiled and edited by Richard Miles and Thomas Dvorak

This book is the first comprehensive attempt to identify and analyze the most significant works for band ever published at the Grade 1 level. Building on the success of the Teaching Music series, the book includes analyses of 53 Grade 1 works, breaking each piece down into Entry Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level repertoire categories.

Each analysis includes information about the composer and the composition, historical background, technical requirements, stylistic considerations, form and structure, and suggested recordings and references. The authors, all leaders in beginning band education, come together to provide compelling insights on the critical issues facing school band directors today.

Table of Contents

Edition # Title
G-5337 Teaching Music through Performance in Beginning Band

Resource Recording, Beginning Band, Grade 1

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Wind Ensemble, Thomas Dvorak, conductor

These high-quality recordings will let you hear firsthand some of the most significant works ever composed for Grade 1 bands, all 53 pieces analyzed in the accompanying book. You will discover great music, real music, that you and your band will be sure to love. Never before has so much care been given to a beginning band recording. An essential reference for every band director!

Edition # Title
CD-485 Teaching Music through Performance in Beginning Band, Vol. 1 - CD
Resource Recordings, all titles covered in the book (3 CD set)

Teaching Music through Performance in Beginning Band Vol. 1
Resource Recordings (CD-485)

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  Disk 1
African Festival - Hilliard/Elledge/Pearson
African Folk Trilogy - McGinty
African Sketches - Curnow
Ahrirang - Garofalo/Whaley
Air and Dance 1. Air - Kinyon
Air and Dance 2. Dance - Kinyon
All Ye Young Sailors - La Plante
Amazing Grace - Edmondson
Anasazi - Edmondson
Arioso - Visconti
Ayre and Dance - Pearson
Barn Dance Saturday Night - La Plante
Canterbury Overture - McGinty
Celebration for Winds - Edmondson
Chant and Canon - O'Reilly
Chant and Celebration - O'Reilly/Feldstein
Chorale Prelude - Smith, C.
Clouds - McGinty
Concert Contrasts - Palmer
Contredanse - Clark
  Disc 2
Country Wildflowers - Daehn
Court Festival - Byrd/arr. Pearson
Glorioso - Smith, R.
Hotaru Koi - arr. Fairchild
Hungarian Folkround - Garofalo/Whaley
Imaginary Soundscape No. 2 - Del Borgo
Imperium - Sweeney
In Dulci Jubilo - Zdechlik
Japanese Folk Trilogy - McGinty
Jeanette, Isabella - Ryden
La Volta - Byrd/arr. Fenske
Liturgical Fanfare - Smith, R.
Madrigal for Band - Wilbye/arr. McGinty
The Minute Arachnida - Jordan
Modal Song and Dance 1. Song - Del Borgo
Modal Song and Dance 2. Dance - Del Borgo
Music from the Great Hall 1. Toye - arr. Fenske
Music from the Great Hall 2. The King's Morisco - arr. Fenske
Nottingham Castle - Daehn


  Disc 3
A Prehistoric Suite 1. Stegosaurus - Jennings
A Prehistoric Suite 2. Brontosaurus - Jennings
A Prehistoric Suite 3. Pterodactyls - Jennings
A Prehistoric Suite 4. The Battle - Jennings
Primordium - Williams
A Quiet Rain - Cummings
Rainbow Bridge - McGinty
Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) - Story
A Shaker Hymn - O'Reilly
Song for Friends - Daehn
Song for the Winter Moon - Cummings
Space Echoes - Visconti
The Stars Asleep, the Break of Day 1. The Stars Asleep - Margolis
The Stars Asleep, the Break of Day 2. The Break of Day - Margolis
The Tempest - Smith, R.
Theme and Variations - Broege
Train Heading West and Other Outdoor Scenes 1. Solemn Ceremony - Broege
Train Heading West and Other Outdoor Scenes 2. Rain on the Mountains - Broege
Train Heading West and Other Outdoor Scenes 3. Train Heading West - Broege
Two English Dances 1. Shepherd's Hey - arr. O'Reilly
Two English Dances 2. Country Gardens - arr. O'Reilly
The Two Minute Symphony - Margolis
Two Russian Folk Songs - arr. Gingery
Visions on an Old American Tune - Pegram
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