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Teaching Music through Performance in Beginning Band, Volume 2

This long-awaited new beginning band component in the Teaching Music through Performance series takes up right where the first volume left off...

Erin Cole, Dennis W. Fisher, Cheryl Floyd, Linda J. Gammon, John O’Reilly, and Marguerite Wilder

Compiled and edited by Richard Miles

Nationally known leaders in music education offer insights and suggestions for improving the musicianship of your elementary or middle school band, and the series' signature Teacher Resource Guides offer invaluable insights to 55 of the best newer works for beginning band in print.

Each Teacher Resource Guide includes information on the composer, the composition, historical background, technical requirements, stylistic considerations, form and structure, and suggested recordings and references. A high-quality recording of these works is available separately. In addition, chapters by leading beginning band educators include: "Establishing an Effective Rehearsal Procedure for Middle School Students" by Erin Cole; "Beginners or Musicians: Risk/Reward of Musicianship" by Dennis W. Fisher; "Confessions of a Music Junkie" by Cheryl Floyd; "Great Beginnings: Warm-Up Strategies for Success" by Linda J. Gammon; "Nurturing Creativity" by John O'Reilly; "A Journey to Creativity through Musical Changes" by Marguerite Wilder.

Hardcover, 480 pages.

Edition # Title
G-7264 Teaching Music through Performance in Beginning Band - Volume 2

Resource Recording, Beginning Band, Volume 2

University of North Texas Symphonic Band
Dennis W. Fisher, conductor

This marvelous project sets new standards of care and attention for a Grade 1 CD recording. Featuring all 55 works from Teaching Music through Performance in Beginning Band, Vol. 2, you will be certain to discover great music—real music—for your band to love performing. Teacher Resource Guides are available for each piece in the companion book. Composing great music for beginning bands is an art unto itself. This CD set features music by the top composers, including: David Gillingham, Michael Sweeney, John O’Reilly, Larry Daehn, Samuel R. Hazo, and more.

Edition # Title
CD-750 Teaching Music through Performance in Beginning Band, Vol 2 (3-CD set) - CD

Teaching Music through Performance in Beginning Band Vol. 2
Resource Recordings (CD-750)

Listen to Sample Tracks
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  Disk 1 (Grade 1)
Dimensions - Ralph Ford
Midnight Mission - Brian Balmages
Rising Star - Samuel R. Hazo
Samurai - Barry Ward
Siyahamba - Douglas Wagner
Two Applachian Songs
1. Once I had a Sweetheart

- Michael Story
2. Cindy - Michael Story
Andante Con Moto
- Franz Schubert/Bulla
Ave Verum Corpus
- W.A. Mozart/Williams
Bells of Freedom - David R. Gillingham
Brother James' Air - James Leith MacBeth Bain/Wagner
Cahokia - Jared Spears
Canticle - Douglas Wagner
Chippewa Lullaby - Anne McGinty
Cortlandt County Festival
- William Owens
Crusade - Vince Gassi
Danse Antiqua - Chris Sharp
Fanfare for a New Age - Michael Story
Gathering in the Glen - Michael Sweeney
Little Brazil Suite
1. Marcha, Sodaro!
- Andrew Balent
2. Capelina de Melão - Andrew Balent
3. Ciranda, Cirandina - Andrew Balent
  Disc 2
Maesong - William Owens
May Day in Red Square
- Christopher Prentice/ Lambrecht
Mountain Song - Jared Spears
Pioneer Songs - Larry Daehn
Pirate's Cove - Gene Milford
Russian Folk Dance - Elena Lucas
Shenandoah - Robert Smith/Story
Skye Boat Song
- John O'Reilly
Southern Chorale and March - Murray Houllif
Star Voyage - Gene Milford
Starship - John O'Reilly
Storm Mountain Jubilee
- Carl Strommen
Symphony No. 15, Finale
- W.A. Mozart/Daehn
Two Dances from "Capriol Suite"
1. Basse Danse
- Peter Warlock/Vinson
2. Mattachins (sword dance)
- Peter Warlock/Vinson
Üsküdar - Robert Smith/Michael Story
Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon
- Michael Sweeney
A New World Adventure
- Douglas Court
A Summer Waltz
- Murray Houllif
An Irish Air - Robert Sheldon


  Disc 3 (Grade 1)
Ariodante Suite
1. Gavotte
- G.F. Handel
2. Musette - G.F. Handel
3. Chorus - G.F. Handel
Early One Morning
- Duncan Stubbs
Greek Folk Trilogy
- Anne McGinty
Incantation and Ritual
- Brian Balmages
Journey Down Niagara - Christopher Tucker
March of the Brigadier Guards
- Sir Arthur Sullivan/Pearson
Praises - Jared Spears
Psalm 42
- Samuel R. Hazo
Scenes from Russia
- Elliot Del Borgo
Simple Song
- Ralph Hultgren
  Disc 3 (Grade 2)
A Sailor's Odyssey
- David Bobrowitz
Bartók Variations
- Timothy Broege
Crossings in Time
- Michael Sweeney
Three Renaissance Dances
1. Basse Danse
- John Moss
2. Volte - John Moss
3. The King's Pavane
- John Moss
The Band in the Square
- Pierre La Plante
Our Kingsland Spring
- Samuel R. Hazo
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