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Teaching Music through Performing Marches

There's something about a march...

By Carl Chevallard Compiled and edited by Richard Miles

This much-needed volume explores the often ignored and sometimes poorly played genre of traditional marches. Insightful chapters filled with the rich knowledge and experience of a professional military bandsman and music educator, combined with one-of-a-kind resource guides to the best marches ever composed, make this book a must-have!

There is a huge diversity in the marches covered, including the golden age of bands, the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and the quicksteps of composers like John Philip Sousa, Henry Fillmore, Alex F. Lithgow, Fred Jewell, and others. This volume is a major contribution to the field of music education.

Table of Contents
Corrected Resource Guide for Amparito Roca


Edition # Title
G-5684 Teaching Music through Performing Marches

Resource Recording, Teaching Music through Performing Marches

North Texas Wind Symphony, Eugene Migliaro Corporon, conductor

Includes all 52 works analyzed in this book performed stunningly by one of the top groups of its kind!

Edition # Title
CD-563 Teaching Music Through Marches - CD
Resource Recordings, all music referenced in the book (3 CD set)

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  Disk 1
Alte Kameraden - Teike
Americans We - Fillmore
Amparito Roca - Texidor/Ridewood
Army of the Nile - Alford
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite - King/Bainum
Bravura - Duble
Brighton Beach Concert March - Latham
The Chicago Tribune March - Chambers
The Chimes of Liberty March - Goldman
Citadel - Erickson
El Capitan - Sousa
Emblem of Unity - Richards
Entry of the Gladiators, Op.68 - Fucik/Laurendeau
Florentiner March, Op. 214 - Fucik/Lake/Fennell
From Tropic to Tropic - Alexander
Hands Across the Sea - Sousa/Fennell/Brion & Schissel
  Disc 2
His Honor - Fillmore
Hosts of Freedom - King/Paynter
II Bersaliere - Boccalari
Inglesina - Cese/Bourgeois
Invercargill March - Lithgow/Glover
Lassus Trombone - Fillmore
Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse - Planquette
March Electric - Creatore
  Disc 2 (Continued)
March of the Belgian Parachutists - Leemans/Bourgeois
Marche Lorraine - Ganne/Williams
Mars der Medici - Wichers
The Middy - Alford
Military Escort - Bennett
National Emblem March - Bagley
Officer of the Day, Mars - Hall/Mol
On the Mall - Goldman
On the Square - Panella
  Disc 3
Our Director March - Bigelow
Pentland Hills - Howe
Punchinello - Rimmer
The Purple Carnival - Alford
Quality-plus - Jewell
Royal Air Force March Past - Davies
Scossa Elettrica - Puccini/Yates
The Show Boy - Huff
Standard of St. George March - Alford
The Stars and Stripes Forever - Sousa
Them Basses - Huffine
Unter dem Doppeladler (Under the Double Eagle) - Wagner
Valdres - Hanssen/Schissel
The Vanished Army - Alford
Washington Grays March - Grafulla
Washington Post March - Sousa
Zacatecas-Mexican March - Codina


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